We are back for the 2023-24 ski season. Due to circumstances beyond our control we have made the decision to discontinue bike sales and service. A combination of covid induced major supply chain issues, bike manufacturers limits on product distribution, and a shortage of experienced bike technicians have forced us to make this change. We will no longer accept bikes for service effective September 3rd. Anyone with a new bike purchase 30 day tune will have until October 15th. Please call with any additional concerns or questions.


SKYHIGH Youth Multi-Sport Camp offers a safe, fun, exciting opportunity for youth to develop skills in swimming, cycling, running, adventure sports and cooperative games.  The camp is run by USATriathlon Certified Coaches and American Red Cross Certified Swimming Instructors.

Our program stresses the healthy development of all youth athletes no matter what their experience or skill.  We emphasize respect, cooperation, responsibility, positive attitude, best effort and development in a healthy, safe, emotional and physical environment.

We offer swimming, biking and running games each week, as well as American Ninja Warrior obstacles, Survivor Challenges and Amazing Race Games. Every athlete is able to experience everything we have to offer!

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