Bike Service

High Adventure is a full service bike shop.  We work on all makes and models of bikes.

Our certified mechanics use manufacturer recommended best practices combined with years of riding and wrenching experience to give you the best functioning bike possible.

We offer extremely quick turn around times.

Basic tune – $69.99

– Adjust derailleur Front and Rear
– Adjust Brakes Front and Rear
– True Wheels
– Tighten/Adjust Bottom Bracket and Crank
– Tighten/Adjust headset
– Tighten/Adjust Hubs
– Lubricate drivetrain
– Light Cleaning

Common additional charges include:
– Bike Wash
– Drivetrain Clean
– Replace Cables/Housing 3 Grades Available
– Rebuild hubs

Dirty Bike fee – $20

If your bike is very dirty e.g. interferes with working on the bike, caked on grease or mud, there will be an additional cleaning fee.
We offer a FREE bike cleaning station outside of the store with water, bike soap and an assortment of brushes if you wish to avoid the cleaning fee.

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