The most important factor in the skiing experience is your boots.  It is the connection between your body and your control surface and is the link between how you move and where you go.  A well fitting boot maximizes both your comfort and the control you have over your skis, providing the best conditions for having fun.

At High Adventure we have worked hard over the years to earn an outstanding reputation for bootfitting here in the capitol district.  We choose our boot selection to provide options and value to all skiers, from beginners to experts.

90% of bootfitting is selecting the correct boot.  We have more brands and more models of boots than any shop in our region so that we can start with the best out of box fit prior to doing any modifications.  Having found the best option for you, we can then customize that boot to you using a combination of stance alignment, shell modifications and liner customization to give you the best fitting ski boot you have ever had.  Those additional services are provided at no extra charge with the purchase of the boot, and continue to be free for the life of the boot*.