High Adventure is a full service bike shop.  We work on all makes and models of bikes. 

Our certified mechanics use manufacturer recommended best practices combined with years of riding and wrenching experience to give you the best functioning bike possible.

We offer extremely quick turn around times.
Basic tune - $59.99

- Adjust derailleur Front and Rear
- Adjust Brakes Front and Rear
- True Wheels
- Tighten/Adjust Bottom Bracket and Crank
- Tighten/Adjust headset
- Tighten/Adjust Hubs
- Lubricate drivetrain
- Light Cleaning
Common additional charges include:

- Bike Wash
- Drivetrain Clean
- Replace Cables/Housing 3 Grades Available
- Rebuild hubs
Has your bike been sitting for a while unused? Often all your bike needs is a tuneup to get it riding like the day it was new.  However some items  may go bad with lack of use.  Tires, tubes and brake pads should be checked for rot or hardening.  Often chains, cassettes, cranks, and cables will corrode.  These items must be replaced if the rot or corrosion impedes function. 

Many indexed shifters have internal components that seize or get brittle with age.  Unfortunately the internals are not serviceable.  Fortunately most older systems have inexpensive replacement options.  Installation is no extra charge with tune up.

We will work with you when you drop of your bike to give you a realistic idea of what you final cost will be.  Once our mechanic is working on the bike additional issues may arise and we will contact you with a final price.  We will provide you with a clear breakdown of what will be done and the costs prior to obtaining your approval.
Bike Overhaul

Includes complete disassembly of bike, cleaning and servicing of components* as well as re-assembly.  Basic cables and bar tape are included in the price.  All additional component replacements or upgrades are extra.   This is an involved process and will take longer than our usual service turn around times.

Road - $150

Mountain - $200 

*Rebuilding suspension forks is an additional service priced individually.